Shannon  -  Diploma of Childcare.   10 years service . 

Shannon - Diploma of Childcare.
10 years service

Gilda (Hilda)  - Certificate Three in Childcare. 20 years service.

Gilda (Hilda) - Certificate Three in Childcare. 20 years service.

Welcome to the 2.5–3.5 yrs room

What makes 2.5 -3.5 special?

This is the time when children really grow as an individual and start developing personality and as well their imagination as they have the language to express themselves and their role play. Gilda and I love hearing what stories the children create and helping them to be the best person they can be. 

What normally happens in 2.5 room? 

In the 2.5 room we focus a lot on developing our self-help skills and teach the children how to:

  • toilet train
  • dress themselves
  • collect their lunch boxes at meal times and select appropriate meals for each meal time
  • pack up after meal times and clean themselves up. 
  • make their own beds and pack them up after rest time
  • apply own sunscreen 

During the day we focus on children’s interests and scaffold and extend on their play based on these interests. We like to have group discussions based on subjects and hear the child’s voice and opinion/thoughts.  We also enjoy it when the children bring in items from home for show and tells and we all discuss these items and plan from them.