Michelle  - Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood. 6 years service.

Michelle - Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood. 6 years service.

Katrena   - Diploma of  Childcare

Katrena - Diploma of Childcare

Carissa  - Bachelor of Education. 3 years service.

Carissa - Bachelor of Education. 3 years service.

Welcome to the Kindy B room

Like the school system, our program consists of many opportunities for purposeful teaching so that your children will be well prepared for Prep the following year. In Kindy B our program comes from the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline which provides advice for planning, interacting with children, monitoring and assessing, and reporting in Kindergarten contexts (previously known as Preschool or Pre-Prep).

Our comprehensive program implements all aspects of learning in readiness for Prep, providing rich learning experiences that include extensive hands-on activities and learning through discovery and play. It incorporates all contexts for learning including focused learning and teaching, real life situations, investigations, play, and routines and transitions.

At any time you wish to discuss the program, please see Michelle. 

Now that your beautiful child has reached the pre-prep age, we would like to advise our expectations and offer some helpful hints. Click here to read about our Kindergarten Expectations and Daily Schedule