Bright Beginnings is an education based centre.

In our kindergarten rooms, we have a bachelor trained teacher and full time assistant. We have up to 24 children on some days and like the school system, our program consists of many opportunities for purposeful teaching and stimulating learning experiences so that children will be well prepared for Prep the following year.

Our program is very comprehensive. As Educators, we use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline document to support us in our professional practice and help us to link children’s learning to a variety of developmental areas of the curriculum. 

Our program is primarily drawn from the children’s interests and what comes from them each day. However, teachers also have many opportunities for intentional teaching, such as during our morning group times where we engage children in learning games, songs, gross and fine motor experiences, multicultural learning, alphabet and numeracy games and practising writing our names.

In Kindy, children will be observed as they engage in the following :

  • Socialise, negotiate, discuss, explore, problem solve

  • Make choices and investigate personal interests

  • Talk with teachers and other children and contribute to discussions about stimulating topics

  • Plan with the teacher the things they may like to do and follow up with those plans

  • Design and make things with craft, play dough, blocks, box collage materials.

  • Sing, rhyme, dance, paint, draw, cartoon, cut out

  • Listen to, act out and make stories

  • Play games both indoor/outdoor

  • Climb, bounce, balance, jump

  • Plan and share in make-believe play

  • Use computers to draw pictures, make signs, problem

  • solve, make sense of the world

  • Take part in real life experiences like cooking, gardening, cleaning up, routines

  • Explore books, stories, information texts, alphabet letters, letter sounds and words

  • Engage in early mathematics as they learn about shape, patterns, size and measurement during play and construction both indoors and outdoors 

Our program implements all aspects of learning in readiness for Prep, providing rich learning experiences that include extensive hands-on activities and learning through discovery and play. It incorporates all contexts for learning including focused learning and teaching, real life situations, investigations, play, and routines and transitions.

The educator’s role is to make deliberate and well informed decisions to promote and enrich children’s holistic learning and development, build respectful relationships with family, community and professional partners, promote children’s wellbeing, and ongoing learning progress, interact with children, with a clear learning focus to promote learning, support children with additional needs, effectively monitor and assess children’s learning, and communicate appropriately with relevant partners about children’s progress and build connections between children’s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity of learning.


At any time parents wish to discuss our exciting program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to show you and discuss our program with you in more detail.