Skye  - Completing Diploma of Childcare. 5 years service.

Skye - Completing Diploma of Childcare. 5 years service.

Bethany  - Certificate III in Childcare. Completing Diploma of Childcare. 1 years service.

Bethany - Certificate III in Childcare. Completing Diploma of Childcare.
1 years service.

What can you provide for my child?

In the nursery we provide a safe and happy environment which encourages every child to explore and develop in their own time.We spend time interacting/cuddling and conversing with each child. We support the children in times of change  and bridge the gap between the familiar and unfamiliar. We model care, empathy and respect for children, staff and families. We support children's secure attachment through warm nurturing relationships. We use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.

How will you help my child develop?

We provide the babies with resources that offer challenges, intrigue and surprise, we support their investigations and share their enjoyment. We provide a wide range of  tools and materials to resource children’s fine & gross motor skills. We organise learning environments in ways that promote small group interactions and play experiences. We build upon and extend on the child’s interests. We show genuine affection, understanding and respect for all children. 

How will my child’s language develop?

We will engage in enjoyable interactions with the child as they make and play with sounds. We are attuned and respond sensitively and appropriately to the child’s efforts to communicate. We read and share a range of  books and other texts with the babies. We sing and chant Rhymes, jingles and songs. Engage babies in play with words and sounds (parroting, echoing and repeating our words). We provide children with access to a range of technologies – Laptop and recently the iPad at Group Time. Where we look at real life animals and their sounds, we listen and repeat words to easy songs – The babies have their favourites where they mimic the actions and words to: Old Mac Donald's farm, Row your boat, Baa Black Sheep, B.I.N.G.O was his Name-O, ABC, Incey Wincey Spider, Twinkle Little Star and Six Little Ducks. We incorporate finger puppets into play which the babies love as they hold on to the tiny puppets and try to put them on their fingers.

Will my child participate in art experiences?

Babies are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning.. They use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas. To persist when they find a task difficult, like holding a paintbrush to paint, or a spoon to stir with cooking, a roller or stamper. In the Nursery we offer the babies a great variety of Art Experiences like: Painting, , cooking, stamping, rolling, Bubbles, Playdough, Clay, goop, slime,hands and foot painting, collage/gluing, outdoor experiences withstand, soil and plants and natural resources as well as water play in summer.   Sensory Experiences : Touch, feel, taste, smell.

How can I talk to staff about my child?

You can talk with staff on arrival or departure of the centre-and also ring during the day. Each child receives a communication booklet informing parents on how their child’s day went with bottles, sleep, eating and events. You can also use this book to inform staff on how your child’s nights was. 

We look forward to meeting you!!