We are very proud of our facilities and of providing the latest equipment. We do not partake in any fundraising for the centre. Your daily fee covers all aspects of the program/resources except for in house performers like puppets or theatre.

Valuing our educators

Our centre has one of the lowest turnover rates because our educators love working here. We treat our educators as the professionals they are, employing contract cleaners daily so caregivers are not taken away from their important work with your children.

The majority of our educators have been with us for five years or longer. This shows that we have a strong group of educators that will provide a stable environment for your child. We are not linked to any religious denomination-and respect all beliefs.

Our highly qualified educators, all over 18, and holding (or completing) at least a Certificate 3 of Child Care. We only hire people who love what they do, and our excellent turnover rates prove that. We organise for educators to attend as many seminars as possible on important issues related to child care.

At the office a director is always available from 7-6pm to help with any concerns or bookings.

Unique opportunities

In the 3-5 Group we are excited to offer the following activity as part of your daily fee: Music with Adele, a qualified music teacher.

Sharing responsibility

We work hard to involve families in all aspects of the centre and thrive for openness in our atmosphere to put parents at ease and encourage mutual respect and understanding.

We welcome all constructive feedback. Our families and specialists are involved in the regular review of policies and procedures.

We like to think of ourselves as a kind of extended family, supplementing the care your children are given at home and respecting their home culture and their individuality.

Exceeding standards

We have consistently achieved the highest quality accreditation status and that comes down to several things:

  • Our dedicated, highly-educated educators
  • Our quality educational programs that follow and extend on children's interests.
  • Our larger-than-required rooms and playgrounds. Our children always have access to the most up-to-date equipment and resources, and enjoy air-conditioned comfort.
  • We are proud of our ongoing high standards. You can always expect the best quality childcare from Bright Beginnings.