Our centre philosophy

At Bright Beginnings we believe in:

Staff Relationships

  • Our educators are professionals who are advocates for quality early childhood education and children.
  • Educators are part of a collaborative community who respect, support and value one another’s strengths and skills.
  • We reflect on our practice, commit to continuous quality improvement, and support each other’s ongoing professional and personal development.

Relationships with Children

  • Every child needs to be treated with dignity and respect
  • We acknowledge children as active and competent learners who hold a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them
  • We ensure our interactions with children are warm, caring, respectful and supportive.
  • We seek to strengthen resilience, critical thinking and informed risk taking for all participants.

Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

  • We recognise families as their child’s first and most influential relationships.
  • We respect and value the individual families and unique cultures and customs.
  • We believe the role of families, educators and the broader community is vital in providing equitable care in our Centre and we encourage active input to all aspects of our program.
  • We view our service as a community link for participants and resource networks.

Leadership and Service Management

  • Management will actively collaborate with all stakeholders to make informed decisions on the effective delivery of the service.
  • Management will be a mentor, role model, support and provide guidance to all educators in a non bias manner.

Educational Program and Practice

  • Children will guide their own learning based on their interests, educator supported and enhanced. The program will be diverse and aim to be inclusive of all cultures, beliefs and customs of participants and the community.

  • The program will be appropriate to children’s capabilities and empower them to make real choice in a supportive environment.

  • The program will be primarily play based with uninterrupted (large blocks) blocks of play and be rewarding, supportive, engaging but most of all fun.

  • The program will be holistic and reflect lifelong learning.

  • Reflective practice and ongoing research of best practice will be key components of our program.

Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health and Safet

  • We will be open to alternative approaches in health and hygiene and actively research the benefits of these.
  • We aim for all participants to feel safe, secure and supported.
  • Environments should be age appropriate and encourage children to undertake risks/extensions they feel comfortable with.

Physical Environment

  • We provide an environment, which is safe, supportive and caring; where the children form secure attachments with familiar educators.
  • Children learn to their potential in a safe and predictable environment which encourages them to explore and approach new challenges.
  • We aim to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects children’s home life.
  • Ensure all participants are provided with a safe environment to achieve their potential