Naomi  - Diploma of Childcare. 3 years service.

Naomi - Diploma of Childcare.
3 years service.

Bronwyn  - Diploma of Childcare.  4 years service.

Bronwyn - Diploma of Childcare. 
4 years service.

Welcome to the Pre-Kindy room

We work together to create a happy, loving, caring and safe environment for all children in our care. We plan for the children based on their interests, needs, strengths, parent feedback and observations of the children. We have discussions between not only each other but also with Pre-Kindy children each morning, to plan the experiences for the day. Both educators and children have the opportunity to make choices and have a say about the plan for the day. The children love to learn about the environment by planting seeds and watering them each day to watch them grow. They are also involved in recycling paper by putting it in the “paper bin” when they are finished with it.

Throughout the day, the Pre-Kindy children learn through play. They have the opportunity to be involved in imaginary, social and creative play each day, both inside and out. The children are supported throughout the day with toileting, meals, and any areas that is required. The children are also encouraged to attempt new and challenging experiences with support from educators.