"We are very thankful that our child has such an amazing environment where she is able to grow, learn, make friends and continue to develop to her highest potential.

The Roberts Family


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all your love and support towards over the last 7 years.  It has been so wonderful being part of the BB family, and I will miss you all very very much

The McLean Family


"Thank you for all your help this year. We are grateful to have such wonderful and caring childcare." 

The Russell Family


"Making the decision to return back to work was made easier by the knowledge that your team would provide care, respect and genuine love to our children everyday. Thank you for helping us raise our boys – it was a true partnership over the past five years." 

The McNeil Family


"You have truly lived up to your name. Thank you for giving our child the best start he could have had for a bright future. All of you have been loving, caring and nurturing. Thank you and continue your wonderful work of giving children a 'bright beginning'!" 

The Paddy Family


"We are very new to Bright Beginnings but have found ALL staff to be friendly, helpful, happy and very interested in the kids. At my last centre I would often find staff chatting to themselves leaving the children to run around like mad rats.  Not at BB!! I have only witnessed the opposite. Staff playing and being fully engaged in each and every child. I also want to mention that my parents who pick up my child on a regular basis (and both of them were educators before retiring) have also mentioned the dedication and work ethics of all staff. More so, each child is happy and comfortable in their amazing environment! Thanks BB staff for welcoming our family!!" 

The Balfour Family


"Well, the time has come to say goodbye. I arrived on the doorstep of BB in tears three years ago and now I find myself in tears again. This time for different reasons. I’ll never forget Janine putting me on the ‘emergency list’ when I was looking for somewhere safe and special for my son. Then laying awake wondering if someone could care for my baby as much as me! I thank my lucky stars that I followed my gut feeling. How far he has come since those early days of tears at the gate. Now he doesn’t want to go home he has so much fun at BB! Thank you all for all your hugs, smiles and inspiration." 

The Adams Family


"I want to express my gratitude to Bright Beginnings for the years of care you have provided my children. The centre has been a integral part of making my children the happy little people they are today and your staff have shown great dedication and care towards them. Your carers will long have a place in my children's hearts. Their guidance and direction, not to mention their genuine fondness of them, have made my children excited about school and will hold them in good stead for the years of education ahead of them. The carers at BB have the great ability to recognise the quirkiness in a child and embrace it and for that I am grateful that they were put in the path of my quirky boys. Bright Beginnings was the best decision I could have made for my children as it provided lovely, caring and considerate teachers to engage my sons. I wish you and your staff well with much gratitude." 

The Symes Family


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Bright Beginnings. You have been a safe, reliable, consistent environment that we have be happy to leave the most precious gift we have ever been given. We knew she was being nurtured, respected and guided as needed. We also knew that she was learning lots, growing up, developing life skills, being challenged, making friends and having heaps of fun. The staff at the centre are exceptional and Janine, your dedication to producing a high quality childcare service is evident in every aspect of the centre. Our simple 'thank you' seems inadequate, but, THANK YOU, all the same" 

The Horton Family


"A very big thank-you for all the love and care you have given our kids over the last six years. We can't quite believe that it is coming to an end! We will miss coming to BB each week now that the school journey begins. Needing to go back to work left us searching for a childcare centre that aligned with our values and beliefs and hopes for our kids. We were so lucky to have found you and we couldn't have asked for more. I think it is a testament that everyone we told about Bright Beginnings now also has glowing things to say!" 

The Mahoney Family


"I'm standing in the playground thinking how much I love the way it's always changing and inspires imagination and challenges little minds and bodies. The tank on it's side today and the natural steps from logs that are set just far enough apart to challenge, the 'tent' and the grassed area for running races and gardening and all the pots with plants to touch and smell. It's so beautiful and full of life – love what you have been doing here!" 

The Tevlin Family


"We can't believe that we have come to the end of our seven year journey at Bright Beginnings. Our kids have developed into two gorgeous, well rounded young boys. One thing that never changed though has been the unconditional love, support and nurturing care shown towards our boys from the staff at Bright Beginnings. Thank you for always being so open, honest and hard working.

The Pezzimenti Family


"Thanks you for providing a wonderful, nurturing, learning environment for our girls. We attend Bright Beginnings, not because it is convenient but because we believe in what you provide to our girls, giving them a foundation of learning that will continue their whole lives."

The Hancock-Kurtz Family

"Your staff always succeed in making our kids feel like they are loved and belong. It is so important and we appreciate it very much."

The Simpson Family


"We'll never be able to say thank you enough. The support and care you have given all our kids has been wonderful. All the extra support and the quality of care given to our kids means so much to us. We appreciate it and we couldn't have continued to build a better life for our family without the care from Bright Beginnings."

The Wood Family


"We have only been at the centre for about 9 months but we have been impressed with the high quality of the workers and staff retention. We have felt welcome and safe since we first made contact with Bright Beginnings. Your sense of FUN is great!! Our boy and our family enjoy being involved on the centre's opportunities for fun like the excursions, soccer, music classes, plus things like balloons on the gate and the ceramic animals on the path. The smiles and jokes all add up to happy kiddies!! I've seen a lot of centres without motivation but BB always seem to look on the bright side! And your communication with parents is a great strength of the centre!!

The Clare Family


"Love, love, love how you guys are up with the times and joining social media. Great for us young parents that are always checking Facebook. Our sons just Michelle, Krissy and Shaney Boy but honestly you are all just fantastic. Both of our boys have been attending the centre since they were 5 months old (4 years for Kobe and 4 months for Angus) and I can honestly say we have not had one day of concern for either of the boys educational, social or emotional well being. You guys are major players in why our boys are such great kids. Can not thank you enough for all the time and energy you put in to them. Makes going to work so much easier knowing they are in a safe loving environment."

The Rees Family


"This Christmas my son has been coming to Bright Beginnings for 4 years – nearly as long as I went to high school. And as he goes off to Prep I am moved to say some special words of thanks. Your staff have given Harper the love and care he needed to grow into a confident and assured boy. And the Centre's example has given us the confidence to have two more lovely children (deep breath!). Please tell your staff that they are doing a wonderful job in the most important job on earth – that is, building characters for life. Merry Christmas to you, your staff and your families."

The Simpson Family

“Thank you for the time, effort, dedication and attention you have shown to my girls over the past three years that they have been in your care. Your “family approach” to the development of my girls has been the key reason they feel confident and comfortable in your centre. Your room leaders and staff are always positive, engaging and supportive, and your education programs are well aligned to the educational needs of our children as they grow and change. Your focus on safety has always been refined to suit changes in the centre, and my girls have always been safe in your care. Thank you also from me personally – for the support and help you’ve provided me as a mum – Janine, you and your team have always been there to help. THANK YOU! The three of us will miss you all and as I have done so already – I will continue to recommend your centre”

The Knight Family


"You have a great team there and we couldn't have asked for better care and support for our child. I would like to particularly mention Jen and Megan who have been with him the longest. They are remarkable ladies, and I don't know how they do their job. They always make sure he is included and manage his cheekiness extremely well. Megan in particular has a gift when it comes to children, and I know our son will miss her.

All the best for the future."

The Levi Family


"Thank you to Bright Beginnings.

You are wonderful and we are forever grateful that you were able to accommodate our son two years ago. He was terrified of day care due to a previous bad experience. Being dairy allergic and asthmatic, you and your centre have met his every need and he loves coming to kindy now. Thank you again, you will never know how much worry you removed from myself and my husband.

Thank you for putting up with my endless calls to you and for calling me when you know I have been concerned for my son. Your cheery 'good mornings' and happy disposition are a great way to start a kindy day.

Thank you for taking a frightened, shy boy in when he was in the toddies room and making day care a happy, fun place to be.

Thank you for being honest and open, for being a great caring role model, and for playing like a big kid with the little kids.

Thank you for being prepared to go the extra distance to meet our needs and assist him in his learning, using different methods and being prepared to work with us and keep us informed of progress."

The Gregory Family


"I wanted to tell you all, that over the past 4 years since we have been at Bright Beginnings, I have felt so much comfort and security as a mum with the care and love that my daughter has received from you all. I have never once doubted that she is being looked after, nurtured and taught in an environment that is secure & supportive.

I cannot thank you enough for this and sending her somewhere new today reminded me of how grateful we are."
The Lock Family

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all. You have made one working mother's daycare dilemma so much easier. Thank you for your wonderful centre; a place where I've felt safe and comfortable leaving my precious babies, knowing they will be safe, cared for and valued for who they are."

The Brady Family


"How will we say goodbye to you all now that we have run out of children to send to Bright Beginnings? It's been a wonderful 6 year relationship. We appreciate so much the role you have played in our family's life and in helping us raise our children when we couldn't be there. You will be greatly missed."

The McCann Family


"I am so grateful to the staff for helping my child to settle in at Bright Beginnings. It can't have been easy having me hang about at the room week after week, but the staff have been so wonderful with my child, and I can see her confidence growing day by day. 

Also thanks for those few times my child needed an extra hug on drop off and the other staff already had there arms full with other kids!!  It really made the world of difference to us to make the transition smooth and stress free (for BOTH of us!!)

I also appreciate the kind and friendly staff at the reception desk.  I could have felt like a real goose sitting there at reception waiting while my child played, or when I stressed out on her first day alone and ended up in tears!!  But you all made me feel welcomed and at home, so thank you.

I am so thrilled with how well my child is settling in, and it is all because you let us both take our time to get comfy.

Big thanks to all!  You have ALL made a big difference in our little world."

The Tevlin Family

"I want to tell you how much I love the centre and appreciate all that you guys do. I know I hang around sometimes for what seems like an eternity - but your staff are always polite and friendly and willing to take the time out to say hello, and ask how my day was.

I love that there is always something new and exciting in the front area to look at - and that rooms are filled with what the kids are doing and are always changing.

I love that everyday when I drop of my child, the other teachers take the time to interact with us on our way through and always say hello to me!

I love that the staff on the front desk know my children by name!

 love that I know the my kids love being there - so much so they ask everyday if it is a kindy day!! I love the piece of mind I have when I leave my children at the centre that they are going to have a enjoyable, safe, fun filled day and learn a stack while I am gone.

I love that you have a program that is flexible enough to allow parents to come in add be part of the children's learning experience but structured enough that the kids are not bored and know what is coming next.

I could go on! And if you want me to I will! But I think you get the idea"

The Plowman Family

"I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for the wonderful first week Marcus had at Bright Beginnings. As you can imagine, even though we are very familiar with your centre and staff, it was still a scary thing sending Marcus along for the first time at such a young age. Well let's just say I was worrying about nothing. Your staff were so wonderful at reassuring me that Marcus was coping. Marcus had obviously enjoyed his two days with them, so much so that at the end of his second day when I asked him to say goodbye he ran to them with open arms and gave them a big kiss and cuddle. Marcus isn't the most affectionate child and is certainly aware of strangers but he seems to have bonded with your staff instantly which absolutely thrills us! Looking forward to what we now know will be a wonderful year (and beginning of his B.B.'s journey)!"

The Pezzimenti Family

 "Before I had my son and up until he was 6 months old, I was never a fan of having a child in day care. In fact, I swore black and blue I would never have a child in care. Too many horror stories out there. Our decision to place our son in care was a major one for me. My husband insisted it would be good for him and that it would aid in his social development as he is an only child. We decided on one day a week. Our choice of Bright Beginnings was from referrals of other families. Very soon after placing him at Bright Beginnings I was at ease with the Centre and who would be looking after my one and only child. My son now comes three days a week and I know I have the best possible people looking after him whilst I'm at work. I wouldn't have him in any other centre. Your staff are professional whilst nurturing and I always feel he is welcomed, safe and being given the best possible care. Thank you Bright Beginnings!"

The Hall Family

"Thank you for making our child's first day care experience such a wonderful one. I am very picky when it comes to my little girl but every time I dropped her off at your centre I was at ease knowing she was in good hands. She has come such a long way since she started at Bright Beginnings and we have you to thank for that. Your friendly smiles and that warm, loving environment that makes Bright Beginnings such an exceptional day care centre."

The Tran Family

"Thanks so much for making my son's day so special. I really appreciate the time taken, and the photos. Just another reason why BB is such a wonderful place!"

The Taylor Family

All of the staff at BB are just fantastic. For a parent it's so important to know that the staff looking after your kids genuinely seem to love their jobs and care for all of the kids. I think it's great you have qualified teachers leading your pre-Prep programs.

The daily communication books and the monthly newsletters are really good and a great way for parents to keep up to date with what's happening program wise in the rooms. Helps parents know what things to work on at home. I really like the personalised bits in the monthly newsletters where each child's comments or preferences are listed and I also like the tips for parents in the newsletters.

Inviting parents continuously to be involved is excellent (even if people don't take up the offer, I think it's just good to know the offer is there). Your special event days that involve parents and special event days just for the kids are great. It gives the kids something exciting to look forward to.

I love the little works of art and especially the photos of what the kids have been up to, that come home. The transition that occurs for children in term 4 each year is really important. It gives kids time to adjust to this change in a structured, gradual way. I really value the fact that the programs have clear educational goals and an educational focus.

Thanks again to everyone for being so fantastic and for looking after our two children so well. It is sincerely appreciated."

The Rooney Family

"Last week I had my parent/teacher meeting. Well what can I say – Michelle was so organized & professional. She showed me observations and pictures of Charlotte on her computer. She spent the time explaining their routines etc and what to expect at Prep.

I turned to Michelle recently with a small dilemma regarding my daughter. She took the time to speak to us, and helped resolve the issue (Charlotte has been scared when going to sleep). Michelle took the time to compile an audio CD of "bedtime" stories, for me to play at bedtime for Charlotte. This has been a godsend and Charlotte seems to be over the worst of it now.

I would just like to express my gratitude and to let you know just how wonderful we think Michelle is!!! She is an asset to your staff and we are so blessed to have her as Charlotte's teacher.

She is truly dedicated to her job and all of the children just adore her. She is a wonderful person and is doing an extraordinary job at your centre!"

The Newton Family

"We will forever be grateful to all of you for looking after, teaching, loving and cuddling our girls over the last four years. We have really enjoyed being a part of your family and appreciate the friendships we have been able to build through the centre. From the moment we walked through your doors we knew Bright Beginnings was the right place for us."
The Hastings Family

"I can't help but tell everyone I know how wonderful the Centre and all the staff are at Bright Beginnings and how you all feel almost like one big family to us. That kind of feeling comes from the wonderful staff that work there and their genuine enjoyment of being part of the Bright Beginnings Team. We recognise all the extra lengths you go to to make families feel special and the fact that our boy literally runs through the door every morning shows how he loves going there."
The Mrak Family

"Bright Beginnings is more than just a childcare centre. It's a vital source of development and support for its children and their families. There, our son has the chance to escape the stress of his sister's illness and be a normal little boy. The friendly, caring and highly competent staff have shown such compassion to our family that we are at a loss to express our gratitude."
The Carson Family