Well, the time has come to say goodbye. I arrived on the doorstep of BB in tears three years ago and now I find myself in tears again. This time for different reasons. I’ll never forget Janine putting me on the ‘emergency list’ when I was looking for somewhere safe and special for my son. Then laying awake wondering if someone could care for my baby as much as me! I thank my lucky stars that I followed my gut feeling. How far he has come since those early days of tears at the gate. Now he doesn’t want to go home he has so much fun at BB! Thank you all for all your hugs, smiles and inspiration.
— The Adams Family
As we look back on the six snap shot of our parenting journey and the lives of my two beautiful daughters, who you have nurtured and help grow, ‘Thank You’ doesn’t seem to be enough. You have given my girls a beautiful start to their social and formal education. You have provided our family with advice when we were unsure what to do as parents and given our girls a safe haven. We will cherish our memories of Bright Beginnings for the rest of our lives.
— The Hancock-Kurtz Family
You guys are awesome! You have been our rock for the last 8 years, our one constant in the fog of the ‘young years’ Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who have loved and cared for our children. Our daughter says ‘I want to stay at kindy’ and I can’t blame her. We’d all like to stay cozy in the BB circle forever!
— The Simpson Family
We feel fortunate that the boys are at a centre where there is diversity of age, culture, and gender. The staff are all very experienced as well and the program that the kids follow reflects this experience and is always interesting and thoughtful. Belinda is always so friendly and willing to help. She is on the ball and knows all the families. Our son has been coming home telling me all about the digestive system, planets and healthy food so he is obviously very engaged in the program which is a testament to his teachers.

We are very thankful that our child has such an amazing environment where she is able to grow, learn, make friends and continue to develop to her highest potential
— The Roberts Family
Hands down the best childcare I have ever been a part of. The staff have made us feel so comfortable and loved. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything and, more importantly, thank you for the love and care you have given
— The Lago Family
You have a beautiful centre. The staff are amazing and my kids love being there. thank you for all your support in our times of need. You have made a difference for us.
— Sonya and Family
A very big thank-you for all the love and care you have given our kids over the last six years. We can’t quite believe that it is coming to an end! We will miss coming to BB each week now that the school journey begins. Needing to go back to work left us searching for a childcare centre that aligned with our values and beliefs and hopes for our kids. We were so lucky to have found you and we couldn’t have asked for more. I think it is a testament that everyone we told about Bright Beginnings now also has glowing things to say!
— The Mahoney Family
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all your love and support towards over the last 7 years.  It has been so wonderful being part of the BB family, and I will miss you all very very much.
— The McLean Family
You have loved and cared for our two boys for the last six years and it is sad that out time with you is coming to an end. You are a very special centre and I recommend you to anyone who needs child care.
— The Armitages Family
We are very new to Bright Beginnings but have found ALL staff to be friendly, helpful, happy and very interested in the kids. At my last centre I would often find staff chatting to themselves leaving the children to run around like mad rats.  Not at BB!! I have only witnessed the opposite. Staff playing and being fully engaged in each and every child. I also want to mention that my parents who pick up my child on a regular basis (and both of them were educators before retiring) have also mentioned the dedication and work ethics of all staff. More so, each child is happy and comfortable in their amazing environment! Thanks BB staff for welcoming our family!!
— The Balfour Family
Making the decision to return back to work was made easier by the knowledge that your team would provide care, respect and genuine love to our children everyday. Thank you for helping us raise our boys – it was a true partnership over the past five years.
— The McNeil Family
You have truly lived up to your name. Thank you for giving our child the best start he could have had for a bright future. All of you have been loving, caring and nurturing. Thank you and continue your wonderful work of giving children a ‘bright beginning!’
— The Paddy Family
I want to express my gratitude to Bright Beginnings for the years of care you have provided my children. The centre has been a integral part of making my children the happy little people they are today and your staff have shown great dedication and care towards them. Your carers will long have a place in my children’s hearts. Their guidance and direction, not to mention their genuine fondness of them, have made my children excited about school and will hold them in good stead for the years of education ahead of them. The carers at BB have the great ability to recognise the quirkiness in a child and embrace it and for that I am grateful that they were put in the path of my quirky boys. Bright Beginnings was the best decision I could have made for my children as it provided lovely, caring and considerate teachers to engage my sons. I wish you and your staff well with much gratitude.
— The Symes Family
We can’t believe that we have come to the end of our seven year journey at Bright Beginnings. Our kids have developed into two gorgeous, well rounded young boys. One thing that never changed though has been the unconditional love, support and nurturing care shown towards our boys from the staff at Bright Beginnings. Thank you for always being so open, honest and hard working.
— The Pezzimenti Family
We will forever be grateful to all of you for looking after, teaching, loving and cuddling our girls over the last four years. We have really enjoyed being a part of your family and appreciate the friendships we have been able to build through the centre. From the moment we walked through your doors we knew Bright Beginnings was the right place for us.
— The Hastings Family
I’m standing in the playground thinking how much I love the way it’s always changing and inspires imagination and challenges little minds and bodies. The tank on it’s side today and the natural steps from logs that are set just far enough apart to challenge, the ‘tent’ and the grassed area for running races and gardening and all the pots with plants to touch and smell. It’s so beautiful and full of life – love what you have been doing here!
— The Tevlin Family